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Alternative Proven Natural Chronic Illnesses Treatments

Whether your goal is healing from a chronic disease, any physical or emotional pain, or achieving optimum health or work/life balance and aging gracefully, we can help you.
At The Australian Energy Healing the key element to the success of our programs is the emphasis on identifying the root of the problem, which can be genetic or caused by lifestyle choices or trauma. Our natural treatments reaching far into the depth of genetic structure, the results are permanent. We take a holistic approach to providing effective solutions, which also include advice on nutrition and exercise.

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The Australian Energy Healing Institute now offering an
alternative proven natural way to treat chronic illnesses.

About The Founder

Natural Health Practitioner and Energy Medicine Specialist Mr. Silvio Novak is the founder of the Australian Energy Healing Institute. He is a true life changer when it comes to eliminating any physical or emotional problems with a strong belief that no human being is born to suffer. This is why for the past 24 years he has been inspired to help individuals worldwide who have been going through severe physical and emotional pain like he used to.

After losing his eye sight in 1994 following a car accident and due to the fact that official medicine could not help him, he was motivated to seek new advanced solutions to solve his problem. After years of studying Traditional Chinese Medicine in Shanghai and exploring various healing techniques all over China (which focused on balancing energy meridians that are an integral part of the human body) and practicing these all over the world, he developed a unique and powerful form of healing called “Energy Healing by Voice Transmission”.

He has successfully rehabilitated thousands of people worldwide and trained hundreds of new therapists so far. His method combines energy healing, good nutrition, and specific exercises, so the illness can be attacked from all angles for maximum efficiency.

What Our Clients Are Saying

I used to have palpitations and panic attacks. Often people who did not understand what was going on, called an ambulance for me. They kept me in hospital overnight many times but nobody could work out what was going on, except that my blood pressure was pretty high. I met Energy Medicine specialist Novak through friends and at first, we just talked. I liked his personality, so when he suggested that I try a session, I did. I was very sceptical and just went by curiosity. But I enjoyed the session and the people who were there. So, I kept on coming back and soon, I did not have anxiety or panic attacks anymore and my Doctor was astonished that my blood pressure was now quite normal, it was between 120 to 130 over 80 to 85. Perhaps not perfect but the best it had ever been. I now live a normal life.

Jacques Bayard

I have been going to energy therapies for over three months now. Mr.Novak were able to help me from my insomnia, depression and anxiety. In terms of my insomnia, I have suffered from it most of my life and used to take sleeping pills every night. Since attending the therapies, I have regular sleeping patterns. My depression and anxiety have also totally gone as well and I have a lot more energy, especially in the morning getting up and at work during the day. I highly recommend Mr. Novak’s treatments to anyone who wants to eliminate any of the health problems I mentioned and who wishes to improve their overall well being. I must also mention that the group sessions are a lot of fun.

Monika Ciura

I am 28 years old and I have been attending Mr. Novak's therapies for the last few months. Since then, I have had various positive results. I can now fall asleep very easily, when before I couldn’t. I also had depression and I was crying almost every day. This stopped shortly after attending energy therapies. After an operation I had on my left eye I started to have glaucoma and used various medications to lower my eye pressure but they did not work. After regularly attended therapies did my pressure come down naturally. These are only some of the results I can truthfully say that decision to attend these therapies was the best decision I ever made.

Danielle S.

I had problems with stress at work and with my family. Frequent pains in my stomach were keeping me tense constantly. I slept badly and I was depressed. After 14 days of attending Mr. Novak’s energy treatments I am very satisfied with the results. I feel a lot better; I sleep better and I am not tense anymore. I learned a lot about energy here, how to apply it in everyday life and about things I never had a chance to learn before. I have acquired a more positive outlook and attitude towards life, and I would recommend this natural type of treatments to everyone.

Lucas J.

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Effective Pain Free Energy Healing, Contact Free & Non-Aggressive

Healing Comes From Within

In an Energy Healing session, you are not a passive receiver. You will learn how to sense and direct energy for yourself. This allows you to be fully receptive to energy and get the most out of your sessions.

Mindset Matters

It is well known that a positive mindset can accelerate healing and recovery. It applies to Energy Healing as well. Our techniques can help you clear the energy blocks in your physical and emotional bodies to cultivate self-love.

Empower Yourself with Consistency

Consistent training not only maximizes the results of your self-healing, but it also can be the stepping stone to a better quality of life. After each session, you will receive a series of home-practice exercises, so that you can continue your self-healing journey at home.