Sleep: The 4th Pillar of Good Health

The Importance of sleep

Sleep is also very important to keep your immune system working hard and protect you from daily attacks. You shouldn’t go to sleep too late, especially if you are working the next day and you should not be watching movies etc. to the last minute before sleeping because you will not get the restful sleep your body needs and you will feel tired and cranky in the morning.

Excercising at night is not recommended either, while sexercise may leave you relaxed and falling into a deep sleep. You should avoid sleeping tablets at all costs. Try not to drink too much liquid, so you won’t have to get up during the night. Air your room during the day or before sleeping, so your room won’t be stuffy.

You will learn the very important skill of clearing your mind totally of all the day’s problems so you can have the restful sleep that your body needs to repair itself during the night. Do not sleep with your phone next to you because of the radiation.

It is also best to turn your mobile phone off and even your Wi-Fi router, you won’t need it at night. If you need to check something urgently, you can always use mobile data for a short time. Although, you should not look at your phone at all during the night.

The night is for repair. Unfortunately, a lot of people ignore this fact, with very serious consequences, both mental and physical: What may issue is fatigue, mental depression, panic attacks, chronic insomnia, etc..

Sleep: The 4th Pillar of Good Health

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