How does it work?

As our treatments reach far into the depth of genetic structure, the results are permanent.  We take a holistic approach to providing effective solutions, which include advice on nutrition and exercise.
All of our treatments are vegan friendly and 100% cruelty free – approved by nature.

The most important element in an effective diagnosis of any disease is to establish the depth or extent of the problem, which conventional western medicine often fails or is unable to achieve.  At EHI, we pride ourselves on focusing on truly understanding the root cause of the problem, which enables us to apply the most appropriate treatment program to effectively deal with the issue.  The key is to remove all blockages within the body to enable free-flow of energy which restores our organs and maintain a healthy balance within our being.

Asthma – Asthmatic Problems

1 in 9 Australians have asthma – around 2.7 million. It’s more common in male aged 0–14, but among those aged 15 and over, asthma is more common in females. Asthmatic rate among Indigenous Australians is almost twice as high as that of non-Indigenous Australians. There were 39,500 hospital cases in 2014-15 where asthma was the main diagnosis (171 per 100,000 population). Children under 15 are more likely to be hospitalised with asthma (451 per 100,000 population) than those aged 15 and over.

Natural Asthma Treatment – Asthma Therapy

People with asthmatic problems are more likely to report a poor quality of life, especially those with severe or poorly controlled asthma. 34% of people report that asthma interferes with their daily living, and 21.8% of people aged 15-25 required time off work, school, or study due to their asthma. There were 441 deaths due to asthma in 2017. Asthma mortality rates are higher for people living in remote or lower socioeconomic areas, and for Indigenous Australians.

Asthma Expert

We are the experts in treating Asthma problems.  Energy Healing Institute has been researching natural treatment for asthma for over 20 years and through this experience and using the latest technology can offer a totally natural asthma therapy program. Our qualified asthma expert will help you to discover how to get rid of asthma – forever.


The key element to the success of our programs is the emphasis on identifying the root of the problem, which can be genetic or caused by lifestyle choices or trauma. Keep reading to find out how our treatments are different to other methods available out there!

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