Food: The 5th Pillar of Good Health

Energy is in everything around us and in everything we see. It also flows through us. It is in what we eat, what we drink and what we absorb. Eating junk food makes it impossible for our energy to stay in positive territory.

Unfortunately, unhealthy food is also all around us and is easy to grab for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It’s convenient, quick and satisfying. It’s also highly addictive, especially while we are sitting inactive, watching a movie, a show, or ironically, watching sports. We never take the time to enjoy, savour or chew our meal properly.

No wonder these bad eating habits have engendered an obesity epidemic. It’s not only the way you look that is affected but your health too, as this food devoid of proper nutrients encourages sickness in your body. On a positive note, the world has seen a significant rise in the popularity of organic food.

When crops are sprayed with chemicals to protect it from insects, pests or grow faster, these chemicals later enter your body with your food and start to damage your organs and immune system. Natural organic food grown locally and in season is best for your longevity and to keep your youthful look. Raw fruits and a Varied diet of fruits and nuts, supplies us with the abundance of vitamins and minerals that our body needs to function at optimum level.

Of course, you can cook these vegetables too, as long as you don’t overcook them and destroy all their nutrients. It is essential to make the effort to vary your diet because some foods contain different or more of certain kind of vitamins than others. All the goodness of these natural foods is quickly absorbed and used to give the right fuel to your body. Your will feel the difference in taste and energy because you will be nourishing your body with the real food it’s been craving.

It’s also very important to take your time and focus on your meal, instead of eating on the run, while you work, or gorging yourself in front of a smart TV or texting on your phone while eating absentmindedly. Like a small daily ceremony, eating should be your primary activity. Multitasking while eating is not smart and does immense damage to your well-being, over time. Eating well is only one of the pillars of health but it is the one that you can start to change straight away, if you want, to look better, feel lighter, more energetic, and look younger.

In my next article, I will introduce you to the other pillars of health. They are all important and all part of the same architecture. Like a well-designed building, each part is essential to support the whole edifice SN

Food: The 5th Pillar of Good Health

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